Careers In Psychology


Psychology is a discipline which involves a systematic learning of human and non-human behaviour covering the entire gamut of human actions and reactions, beliefs and faith, thoughts and feelings, emotions and sentiments. Psychologists analyze different intentions, reactions and feelings of the mankind. They cure and alter the behavioural patterns of patients to initiate re-adjustment of their thought process and improves the overall quality of their lives. This discipline is very closely related to biology and sociology.


Opportunities in the field of psychology are expanding in number and scope. It has scope in business, medicine and even in computer science. . Careers in psychology are and will always be abundant and in demand. The psychologists have job opportunities in all the fields i.e. laboratories, hospitals, courtrooms, schools and universities, community health centres, prisons and corporate offices. 


Psychology is a highly rewarding field. A psychologist salary depends on many factors like his/her qualification, area of specialization and experience in the profession. Professional psychologists with M.Phil and Ph.D degree earn quite handsomely. Those engaged in private practice earn more than government salaried persons.


Masters/Doctorate degree is essential. Training and educational requirements vary considerably depending upon specialty area. The psychologist need at least a master’s degree in experimental or industrial-organizational psychology. Clinical psychologist needs a doctorate degree in clinical psychology and 1-3 years of supervised clinical experience.

Job options

  • Psychologist (air force, navy, clinical, cognitive neuroscientist, educational, development, sports, social, applied, research, etc.)

  • Counsellor (career, child, community, mental health, etc)

  • Social worker (child welfare, clinical, geriatric, etc)

  • Therapist (marriage and family, art , music etc)

  • Media psychologist

  • Psychiatrist

  • Life coach


  • Industries.

  • Air force, navy and army.

  • Schools and colleges.

  • Sports academies.

  • Research institutes.

  • Hospitals.

  • Social orgnizations.

  • Sports academies


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology: Duration: Three years  Centres: University of Calcutta. and many other reputed colleges. 

B.Sc./ B. A. in PsychologyDuration: Three years  Centres: Many reputed colleges and Universities

Master of Arts in Psychology Duration: Two years

Distance Learning Courses 

B.A.Pschychology: Duration: 3 year Eligibility: 12th std.

M.A.Pschychology: Duration: 2 year Eligibility: Graduation

Important Institutes


  • National Eligibility Test (NET):Eligibility for lectureship and for award of Junior Research

  • Civil Services

  • Other state Public Services Examinations.

Opportunities Abroad


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