Foreign Words

Like any other topic for law exams like CLAT/AILET foreign words form for a handful chunk of marks in the respective papers. Given below is an exhaustive list of foreign words compiled from previous papers and other sources.

Here you go..

 Lex Fori  The law of the forum or the court
 vox populi  Popular opinions or sentiments ; Beliefs of majority
 Cause celebre  An issue arousing widespread controversy or heated public debate or strong discussion.
 aficionado  An enthusiastic admirer or follower; a fan ; a devotee
 sui generis  one of it’s kind; unique; peculiar
 Doli capax  Capable of crime
 Ignorantia facti  ignorance of a fact
 Ignorantia juris  ignorance of the the law
 Ipso facto  by reason of that fact
 Prima facie  on the first view
 Persona non grata  an unacceptable person
  Raison d’etre  reason for existence of a thing
 faux pas  social blunder
 esprit de corps  common loyalty shared by the members of a particular group
 avant-garde  cutting edge
 carte blanche  unrestricted power to act at one’s own discretion ; complete freedom
 caveat emptor  let the buyer beware
 carpe diem  seize the day; take the opportunity
 bona fide  carried out in good faith
 ad hoc  or a specific purpose or situation
 modus operandi  a usual way of doing something
 ex officio  by virtue of office
 ultra vires  beyond powers
 quid pro quo  something for something
 inter vivos  between the living
 corpus juris  body of law
 mala fide  bad intention
 tabula rasa  clean slate
 de jure  as per law


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