G.K. for SSC,IBPS,Railways,CLAT and other competitive exams

G.K. is one such area where nothing is enough! Yet we have to be confident in what we have prepared and strive for more. We have compiled G.K. mostly in list format for quick revision for objective exams. At the same time we have also compiled material for subjective G.K. portion as well.

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History (Ancient, Medieval, Modern)

Modern Indian History

Revolt of 1857 : India’s First War of Independence
Development of education in India (Pre and Post British Era)
Development of Indian press during British Rule-PART 1
Development of Indian press during British Rule-PART 2
Important News Papers and Journals of Freedom Struggle Era India

Ancient Indian History

Timeline of ancient India
Vedic Period-: (1500 B.C- 600 B.C)
Harappan Civilisation
Important points on human body for science section of competitive exams
Computer Awareness for Banking
Download : Computer Awareness For Banking Exams
Computer basics – History, workflow, parts and components for exams 
Miscellaneous G.K. (Static G.K.)
Important National and International Days and Dates for competitive exams
List of India’s firsts for exams SSC ,CLAT ,IBPS and other exams
International Organizations and Groups for exams UPSC ,SSC ,CLAT ,IBPS
Invention and Inventors SSC ,CLAT ,IBPS and other competitive exams
Indian Dance Forms, features for exams UPSC, SSC, CLAT , IBPS and other exams