Invention and Inventors SSC,CLAT,IBPS and other competitive exams

What Who When Country
Automatic calculator Wilhelm Schickard 1623 Germany
Adding machine Blaise Pascal 1642 France
Animation Emile Reynaud 1892 France
Aspirin Dr. Felix Hoffman 1899 Germany
Antiseptic Dr. Joseph Lister 1867 England
Atom Bomb Julius Robert Oppenheimer 1945 U.S
Barometer Evangelista Torricelli 1643 ITALY
Ballpoint Pen László Bíró 1938 France
Bifocal Lens Benjamin Franklin 1784 U.S
Cement Joseph Aspdin 1824 England
Cadmium Friedrich Stromeyer 1817 Germany
Clarinet Johann Christoph Denner 1690 Germany
Cash register James Ritty 1879 USA
Cinema Lumiere brothers 1894 France
Dental Plate Anthony A. Plantson 1817 U.S
Diesel Engine Rudolf Diesel 1895 Germany
Dynamite Alfred B. Nobel 1867 Sweden
Electronic calculator IBM 1954 USA
Electric stove/cooker William S. Hadaway 1896 USA
Electric Battery Volta 1800 Italian
Electric Generator Michael Faraday 1831 UK
Electric Lamp Thomas Alva Edison 1879 U.S
Electromagnet William Sturgeon 1824 England
Elevator Elisha G. Otis 1852 U.S
Fountain Pen Lewis Edson Waterman 1884 U.S
Gramophone Thomas Edison 1878 U.S
Gyrocompass Elmer A. Sperry 1908 U.S
Hot air balloon Josef and Etienne Montgolfier 1783 France
Helicopter Igor Sikorsky 1939 Russia
Jet Engine Hans Von Ohain 1936 Germany
Light bulb Heinrich Goebel 1854 Germany
Lightning Conductor Benjamin Franklin 1752 U.S
Microwave oven Percy Spencer 1947 USA
Machine Gun Richard Gaffing 1861 U.S
Motor Scooter Greville Bradshaw 1919 England
Microscope Zacharis Janssen 1590 Netherlands
Pacemaker Dr. Paul Zoll 1952 USA
Pocket watch Peter Henlein 1510 Germany
Pendulum clock Christiaan Huygens 1657 Netherlands
Piano Bartolomeo Cristofori 1700 Italy
Parachute Jean Pierre Blanchard 1785 France
Revolver Samuel Colt 1835 U.S
Small Pox Vaccine Edward Jenner 1796 England
Steam engine Thomas Savery 1698 UK
Steam boat John Fitch 1786 USA
Saxophone Adolphe Sax 1846 Belgium
Steam-powered airship Henri Giffard 1852 France
Soft contact lenses Otto Wichterle 1961 Czech
Stethoscope René Laennec 1816 France
Submarine David Bushnell 1776 U.S
Synthesizer Dr. Robert Arthur Moog 1964 U.S
Telegraph Samuel Morse 1844 USA
Telephone Scott Alexander Graham Bell 1874 Canada
Time Recorder Harlow Bundy 1890 U.S
Typewriter Peter Mitterhofer 1864 Austria
Vaccination Dr. Edward Jenner 1796 England
Vacuum Cleaner Ives McGaffey 1869 U.S
X-ray Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen 1895 Germany

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