About Us

About Us

Nowadays,there is no dearth of websites providing information about various exams conducted across country,but only few quality sites to provide the study material required for preparations. Career Nirvaan is a website that provides you the study materials required at the grassroot level to giving final touches to exam preparations. It is collective team effort of our team leaders who are experts in their own fields,providing you with the best.  Thus,as said, Career Nirvaan is a complete package and your one stop avenue to access all,that you require to excel and achieve success.

How is Career Nirvaan helpful to you?

We provide with tests and quizzes,for testing on the concepts you learn here, across various subjects. Then there is monthly G.K. compendiums and doses to keep you updated on the happenings across the world. We keep a regular tab on various exams and results,keeping you aware,all that is taking place around you.

Meet the team that works with zeal,to make this website a success!

radha jibendra

Radha spearheads the most important aspect of the website i.e., content management. She is the Indiana Jones of Career Nirvaan in true sense.Has vast teaching experience on the secondary schooling level.



A master strategist and vision  behind Career Nirvaan. Jibendra leads the content planning section. A pro in logical reasoning and maths segment.