Solving Spotting the error questions: Rules for Nouns

This article on Solving Spotting the error questions: Rules for Nouns,is the first in the series. Here we look into the english:spotting the erroerror one can find the nouns used in the sentences. It is very important to understand the wrong usage of parts of speech,in order to solve questions based on Sentence correction. Here you go.

Uncountable Noun

-> No use of indefinite article before uncountable noun (a,an)

  • Example: Can i get a glass of a water please? (WRONG)
  • Can i get a glass of water? (CORRECT)

-> No use of plural verbs with uncountable noun (s or ss/is or are)

-> Much or some is used in place of “many”.

  • Example: Much students came for the seminar today. (WRONG)
  • Many students came for the seminar today (CORRECT)

-> Uncountable nouns are used in singular form only (rice not rices)

Collective Noun

=> Words like cattle,peasantry,gentry,people,majority,folk,are used with plural verbs.

  • E.g. Cattle are grazing in the field.

=> Words like committee,ministry,audience,family,staff are used with singular verbs when used as ‘group’.

However,when it pin points a member or a group of members and not whole,plural verb is used.

  • E.g. Ministry is speculative about the outcome. (As a group.)
  • E.g. One of the members of the committee are protesting.

=> Words like fish,sheep,deer- are expressed as singular or plural only by use of verbs and not by adding ‘s’.

E.g. Sheep is grazing in the field.


=> Some nouns:
•Names of instrument
•Articles of dress
•Alms,thanks,proceeds,riches,contents,credentials,orders,refreshments,customs etc.

Are used in plural form with plural verb. (are/have)


=> Nouns expressing numbers are used in singular form with plural adjective.

E.g. Ten thousand rupees

We’ll continue with Rules of Pronouns in the next article. (CLICK HERE TO READ)


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