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General defences in tort

Moving ahead from What is torts,its essentials in the last article,lets now get to know,general defences in tort,available when a person commits tort. 1. Vis Major or Act of God. Anything that is beyond human control...

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How to ace for DU LLB 3 year entrance exam test

Delhi University offers 3-year LLB course for graduates. One of the most prestigious law institutions of the country, finished at the second position in India Today’s Best Law Colleges 2016 survey. Source: Report Disha I...

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Some Important Internet Portals & their Founders

This article focuses on Some Important Internet Portals & their Founders around the world. Google — Larry Page & Sergey Brin Facebook— Mark Zuckerberg Yahoo— David Filo & Jerry Yang Twitter— Jack Dorsey & Dick...