All about UNO for competitive exams

This section is about all United Nations Organisations: Background,Aims,Purpose,Publications & Current developments involved in various activities in favour of global citizens at large. Lets have a look and understand the role that each one plays.

Name of Agency Abbreviation  Headquarter  Purpose
International Labour Organization  ILO  Geneva  To Promote   Social justice, Improve conditions and living standard of workers and Promote economic stability
International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA Vienna To Promote Peaceful uses of atomic energy
Food and Agriculture Organization FAO Rome To raise nutritional levels, living standards, production and distribution of food and agricultural products, improving living conditions of rural population
United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO Paris To promote collaboration among nations through education, science and culture in order to further justice, human rights and freedom
World Health Organization WHO Geneva Attainment of the highest possible level of health by all people
International Bank for Reconstruction IBRD Washington Development of economies of member by facilitating investment of capital and foreign investment ,through provision of loans
World Meteorological Organization WMO Geneva To promote International exchange of weather reports and other weather related services
International Maritime Organization IMO London Promotes cooperation on technical matters of maritime safety, navigation and encourages anti-pollution measures.
United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund UNICEF New York Children’s welfare all over the world.
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (fromm1994 it is known as WTO) WTO Geneva Treaty setting rules for world trade, to reduce tariffs and other barriers to international trade.
United Nations Development Programme UNDP New York Help developing countries increase the wealth producing capabilities
United Nations Environment Programme UNEP Nairobi Promotes international cooperation in matters relating to human environment  
United nations fund for population activities UNFPA New York Promotes population related programmes  
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR Geneva Provides international protection to refugees  
United Nations Industrial Development Organization UNIDO Vienna Extends assistance for development and modernization of industries  
International Finance Corporation IFC Washington Promote economic development by encouraging private enterprises in its member countries  
International Monetary Fund IMF Washington Promotes international monetary cooperation and expansion of international trade.
International Civil Aviation ICAO Montreal Promotes safety of international aviation and establishes international standards and regulations
Universal Postal Union UPU Berne Improves various postal services and promotes international collaboration.
International Telecommunication Union ITU Geneva Sets international regulations for radio,telegraph,telephone and space radio communications.
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development UNCTAD Geneva Promotes international trade with a view to accelerate economic growth of developing countries  
United Nations Institute for Training and Research UNITAR New York Provides high priority training and of projects to help and facilitate the UN research objectives of world peace and security, and of economic and social progress.  
United Nations Relief and Work for Palestine Refugees in the North East UNRWA New York Provides food, health services, education vocational training for those displaced in the Arab-Israel war.  

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