Vedic Period-: (1500 B.C- 600 B.C)

  • There are four Vedas- The Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda, and Atharva Veda.

  • The Rig veda is the oldest text in the world and therefore, is also known as the first testament of mankind. The Rig veda is contains 1028 hymns, divided into 10 mandalas. The 10th Mandalas contains the famous Purushasukta which explains the 4 varnas- Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra. The hymns of the Rig Veda were recited by Hotri.

  • The Sama Veda had 1549 hymns. All hymns were taken from the Rig Veda (Excluding 75). The hymns of the Sama Veda were recited by Udgatri. This Veda is important for Indian Music.

  • The Yajur Veda (Book of sacrificial prayers) is a ritual veda.

  • The Atharva Veda (Book of magical formulae).

  • Name of the Brahmanas who explained the hymns of the Vedas-:

  • Rig Veda- Aitareya and Kaushitiki

  • Sam Veda- Panchvisha, Shadvinsh, Chhandogya and Jaiminaya

  • Yajur Veda- Shatapatha and Taittariya

  • Atharva Veda- Gopatha

  • Upanishadas are Philosphical texts. There are 108 Upanishadas. Vrihadaranyaka is the oldest one.

  • The Ramayana by Valmiki, is also oldest epic of the world.

  • The Mahabharta by Ved Vyas, is the longest epic of the World and is also known as Jay Samhita.

  • The Puranas means the old. There are 18 famous “Puranas” The Matsya Purana is the oldest Puranic text.

  • The Upvedas were traditionally associated with Vedas:-

  • Ayurveda i.e Medicine is associated with Rig Veda

  • Gandharava Veda i.e Music is associated with Sama Veda

  • Dhanurveda i.e Archery is associated with Yajur Veda

  • Shilpaveda is associated with Atharva Veda


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